Puppy enclosure 8 panels Height 80cm More photos

Product details

  • The run is provided with rubber feet.
  • The run can be placed in several ways, such as a circle, a square or a rectangle
  • The panels are connected with each other with long pins. With the pins you can secure the ren in the ground.
  • 1 panel is provided with a door.
  • The door is provided with 2 solid closures
  • The run is easy to (dis)mount
  • Powder-coated steel. Not stainless.


Sizes pannel 79x80cm
Entry height 19cm
Width of door opening 32cm
Thickness frame (approx) 1x1cm
Thickness horizontal bars (approx) 4mm
Thickness of vertical bars (approx) 3mm
Distance between the bars 3,5cm

Dimensions of shipping boxes

Box 1 80,5 x 82,5 x 13,5cm — 21,4kg
EAN code: 8719874156967

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