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  • This doghouse is equipped with used ceramic roof tiles.
  • This cage will be delivered as a kit, with a clear instruction.
  • This version 3 is equipped with 3 kennelpannels, 1 in the front, 1 at the left side, 1 at the back side of the run.
  • The doghouse has black plastic feet, making it easier to move, and the hutch is better protected against moisture
  • Assembly with 2 persons takes about 2 hours
  • The dimensions can be a little more or less, depending of the size of the roof tiles
  • Wooden panels are provided with preserved pine rabat parts of 18 mm thick.
  • Unprotected wooden edges can be provided with aluminum strips to prevent gnawing. You can request this by email. The price for this is € 9,50 per meter (incl. assembly).
  • All ironwork is galvanized against corrosion: 8 years guarantee on galvanisation!
  • If there is high humidity outside, then it is also humid inside a loft. You can treat the inside of the loft with stain to prevent the mold to grow.


Internal dimensions sleeping compartment (BxD) 75x100cm
Dimensions wooden door in the front 66x81cm
Opening from sleeping compartment to run 35x59cm
Outer dimension including roof (WxDxH)
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 302x117cm
Wood thickness 18mm
Height of the panels 95cm
Size of dooropening (in the dog run panel) 54x87,5cm
Distance between the bars 5cm
EAN code: 8719874150835

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