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? Order stain as well?

To prevent mold or wood rot, we recommend:
1x Transparent stain
1x brush set

? Order an insulationset as well?

Plexiglas plates to protect your rabbits from rain, wind and cold weather circumstances. The plexiglass comes between screw hooks, so that it can be easily placed and removed.

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A particular, wonderful rabbit hutch which you can easily place in a corner of your backyard.
This is a rabbit hutch you have never seen before! An advantage of this rabbit hutch is that
your rabbit has a lot a space because it is a double layer hutch.

Product details

  • Easy to clean rabbit hutch with handy drawer
  • This rabbit hutch is equipped with large doors for optimal accessibility
  • The run at the ground floor has large doors to keep your rabbits easily accessible
  • The roof of this rabbit hutch is equipped with roofing felt
  • This pet house has a handy hinged roof
  • Equipped with a ramp between the first and ground floor
  • The bottom run is lockable
  • The pet house is lightly stained one time to color it
  • The pet house is equipped with anti-chewing strips in the most sensitive areas.
  • The pet house is not fully chew-proof. You can order anti-chewing strips for non-protected edges
  • The pet house is made of beautiful pine wood
  • Easy to expand with additional runs
  • If the pet house is used as an indoor cage, we advise you to cover the floor to prevent damage caused by urine, for example


Outer dimensions including roof (WxDxH) 122x122x59x96cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 115x115x50cm
Internal dimensions (WxD) 110x110x45cm
Internal dimensions sleeping compartment (WxDxH) 62x45x42cm
Distance of the bars 24mm

Maintainance instructions

  • You should stain the pet house to prevent mold or wood rot
  • It is advisable to clean the wood periodically to prevent mold and green mold
  • You can stain it in any desired colour.
  • Treat the hinges and locks periodically with silicone spray
  • Use some wax or vaseline for moving parts such as drawers and sliding panels
  • If possible, place the pet house at a sheltered place.
  • Matching stain is a transparent or brown natural stain

Instructions for assembly

  • The panels of the pet house will be partially assembled
  • The pet house comes with a simple assembly instruction
  • You also receive a package of screws to assemble the panels
  • The holes in the panels are pre-drilled, except for the locks

Information about used materials

This pet house is made from pine wood in the traditional way. Pine wood is a particularly beautiful kind of coniferous wood which has been valued for a long time in our range of pet houses. Especially the wood grain, flame drawing, and changing color shades give the enclosure a solid and warm appearance.

Wood properties
The wood, used for your pet house is a unique natural product which has been processed according to traditional methods in the country of origin, after careful selection. It is characteristic and unique in every way. This wood product has been manually processed. No single piece of wood is the same in shape, structure or color, so color shades are inevitable even within one piece of wood. Wind cracks, imperfections and the presence of large and small knots testify to their origin and years of growth. Bumps are usually manually updated with wood fill. Through use and through the influence of light, new pet houses will finally get a warmer color. Color differences in comparison with the show model or even among themselves are therefore usual. The pet house is stained in the colors as in the picture. You should do it once again to prevent mold and rot. You can easily order the stain together with the pet house.

Hinges and locks/anchorage
It is advisable to treat the hinges and locks periodically with silicone spray or lock spray to prevent rust and corrosion. If the pet house is not in a covered place, we advise you to anchor the house.

Dimensions of shipping boxes

Box 1 99,5 x 69 x 27cm — 25kg
Box 2 126 x 61 x 11cm — 17,2kg

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