About JoyPet.eu

The beginning

March 2010, the current owner Danny Slabbekoorn decided to start his own company. Almost 20 years of experience in the pet sector was the impulse for the new company. Better pet houses with smarter details and many possibilities for expansion; That was the vision for the future. The name was Dier & Speelplezier at the beginning. The playground equipment was the second part of the company. For large playground equipment, trampolines, go-karts etc. There was not so much available locally or even on the internet. That changed with the arrival of the modern web shop in the Zuidweg in Krabbendijke.

Rapid growth

Not much later a first employee came and they moved out of the building on the Zuidweg in Krabbendijke. The move to the building in the Oostpolderweg in the same village was a fact. More than 4,500 m2 of storage space has created an ever-growing collection of pet houses.

The move was also a reason for a new name. After a long brainstorming, we have chosen the name JoyPet.eu for the foreign market. The focus is 100% to make the best pet houses with beautiful details and for a reasonable price. JoyPet.eu is very good in sending great products to customers. And JoyPet.eu does not sell insurance or vacuum cleaners, but products that give JOY to people and PETS. Therefore the name: JoyPet.eu.

JoyPet.eu now

Now, there is a team of more than 20 enthusiastic people who make it possible to deliver your pet house! JoyPet.eu has, for over 6 years, the largest collection in Europe of rabbit hutches, chicken coops, dog houses and aviaries. We have always something you are looking for. But not only beautiful animal houses. JoyPet.eu also offers a number of extensions, such as additional enclosures, rain and wind insulation kits, foundations and floor plates for our hutches, chicken coops and dog houses.



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