Customer service — delivery

Is it possible to specify a time for the delivery of my order?

The carrier is planning the delivery. Of course you can specify a wish with the order, but it is the choice of the carrier to take it into account or not.

Why do I have to sign when I receive my order?

You sign for a good reception of the goods. It means that you can check externally if the number of packages is correct and if the goods have been received in good condition.

What should I do when my package is damaged on delivery?

You can still accept the package, even when there is damage, but ask the driver to note that the package(s) you received were damaged. Then, send us photos of the damaged parts and we will find a solution together with you.

Can my order be placed at the door?

A signature is always required for the delivery of your order. The carrier is responsible for your package to your door. As soon as you place a signature, you sign for a good reception and for your responsibility. That's why a signature is always required. You can ask if your neighbors can take the package. In case you are not at home, a second delivery is done automatically the next day.

Can I still change my address?

As long as we have not yet shipped your order to the carrier, we may change your details at any time. Please contact us by phone and we can arrange it quickly and efficiently.

If we have already given your order to the carrier, we can always ask the carrier to change the address. But it is possible that the delivery of your order takes more time.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we deliver in almost all European countries. For the Netherlands and Belgium, we have another website: For Germany: For other countries, you are already on the right website.