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What is the delivery time of my order?

Usually, we deliver everything between 2 and 4 business days. That means that, when we received your order and payment, we deliver your order the same day or latest the next day to our transport company. Usually, our transport company will deliver it to you the next day.

If the delivery time of a product is different, this is indicated at the product page. There are products with a delivery time of 2 to 10 business days. Or products whose delivery time is by appointment. Usually, these must be tailor-made for you.

If a particular item is not in stock, an expected delivery date will be displayed at the product page. We do everything we can to have the product at your place within 2-4 business days after this date.

If you have specific questions about the delivery time of a product, you can always call us.

Is the product still in stock?

Generally, all our products are available in stock. The product indicates 2-4 working days delivery time. If a product is no longer in stock, it will be mentioned with the product. If we know when it will be back in stock, we will mention the date that it will arrive with the product.

Sometimes we send a product directly from our supplier to you.

If you have specific questions about the stock of a certain product or about a larger quantity, feel free to contact us.

When will my order be processed?

Your order will be processed after we have received your payment. If you choose one of our online payment options, it could be the same day depending on the time of the day.

What kind of emails will I receive regarding my order?

To inform you as much as possible regarding the status of your order, we will send you an e-mail at each important point. If you place an order with us, you can expect:

Your invoice

As soon as you place an order, you will immediately receive an e-mail with your invoice. When you have chosen to transfer it yourself, you can find here the IBAN number and invoice number as well. This order number or invoice number is a unique number. It is useful to know this number when contacting us about your order. Then we can find immediately all the details.

Confirmation of your payment

After you have made the payment and we have received the money, we will send you a confirmation of your payment immediately. When you have chosen for one of the online payment methods, it is almost always directly, after you did the transfer. If you transfer the money yourself to our bank account, you will receive this message as soon as the money is in our bank account and we have verified it manually.

Offer to the transport company

As soon as we offer the package to our carrier and collect everything in the warehouse, you will receive a third e-mail. We report that we will offer it to the carrier. Your order will then be picked up by the carrier, usually the same day, and your order will normally be delivered the next day.

Message from the carrier

When your order is in the Netherlands or Belgium, you will receive a message from our carrier too. Here you can track the status of your shipment. The day of delivery, the carrier will send an e-mail again with the approximate time of delivery with a deviation of 2 hours.

Invitation to share your opinion

About one week after receiving your product, we will send you an invitation to evaluate us, because we want to make our services as optimal as possible. Then we can see where we still can improve. If there is a problem with your order, do not use the evaluation form immediately, but please follow our service procedure first.

What if I want to change my order?

As long as we have not yet offered your order to the carrier, we can change your order at any time. Please contact us by phone, then we can arrange it quickly and efficiently.



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