Everything about our chickens coop and rabbit hutches

Do you make these pet houses yourself?

Except the Pressure Treated animal houses, we do not manufacture them ourselves. However they are made especially for us. We do not sell standard hutches or henhouses which you can find everywhere. Our pet houses have a lot of details that make them better than other pet houses.

What makes your pet houses so special?

Animal houses are our specialty and you will notice it. For example, we pay particular attention to details, including larger doors, deeper drawers, anti-chewing strips, wooden back wall and more. All pet houses are not the same, not even in our range. There are hutches and henhouses with an extra deep drawer but also houses with a normal drawer. Almost every day, we work to improve our collection. And it does not stop with the delivery of an animal house. Additional enclosures, runs, floor plates, foundation sets, insulation sets, water-based stain and Klaxo. All the extra details that make your hutch or henhouse better.

Do I have to stain my pet house or is it already stained in the color on the site?

Your pet house has already been colorized for you. But it is not yet protected for outside use. That's why we advise you to stain your pet house again before assembling it. You can order a good matching stain too.

Are the locks and hinges made of stainless steel?

Almost all the locks and hinges of our hutches and henhouses are not made of stainless steel. To avoid rust, we recommend that you treat it periodically with a silicone spray.

How will my pet house be delivered?

All hutches, henhouses, dog kennels and aviaries are assembled in part as a simple construction kit. It is equipped with a simple construction plan. The necessary screws / bolts and nuts are included. And the holes in most panels are pre-drilled. Everything is neatly packaged in boxes. The number of boxes and their dimensions you can find on the product itself under the heading: Dimensions of shipping boxes.

The pet houses are made of which kind of wood?

Most animal houses are made of pine wood, which is a very beautiful, relatively soft wood, so it requires periodic maintenance.

Rabbit hutches with anti-chewing strips are 100% protected?

Hutches with anti-chewing strips do not protect your hutch for 100%. Your rabbits will still look for wooden edges to chew on. Always provide sufficient gnawing options for your rabbits, such as willow branches and others, to avoid chewing at the hutch.



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