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What could I do with the product before returning it?

You may only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to determine if you wish to retain it. Think of the possibilities that you also have in a physical store. In the physical store, you can not cook anything in the fryer and you can not put laundry in the machine. If you want to know what you are buying before placing an order, we advise you to read our description carefully. Especially all the dimensions of the hutch / henhouse or dog house. Also read the maintenance tips. If a product is returned to us and we can no longer send it as new because the product is no longer packaged as an original, we must bill the depreciation to you.

Tip: please be carefull with the packaging, remember that we have to be able to sell the product again.

How to return a product?

If it's a small package, you can return it yourself. You can also ask us to organise it. We always recommend that we organise the return of the big packages because the post office does not accept them.

What are the costs of the return?

If we pick up a product from you, we always pass the return costs to you. The amount of the costs depends on what comes back. Contact us and we can tell you exactly how much the return costs will be for you.

When can I expect my money back?

After receiving the package, we transfer the money as soon as possible. A maximum of 7 days after receipt, you have the money on your bankaccount. We advise you to send us an e-mail with your IBAN code and invoice number to speed up the processing time.

How long does the return take?

Returns are often brought back to us once a week by carriers. Therefore, a 'return shipment' often takes several days longer than an 'usual shipment'.



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