Also for aviary Amalia we have a practical solution to protect your birds against rain, wind and cold temperatures. The plexiglass is easy to assembly and to remove, so you can place it depending of the weathercircumstances.
This is no aviary! This contains only a plexiglass insulationset for a aviary.
* The top plexi plate (triangle) is missing a small piece on the right side and does NOT extend all the way to the right tip.

Product details

  • Optimal protection against wind, rain and extreme cold weather
  • Easy to assemble
  • Material for assemblage included
  • Assembly instructions included
Suitable for Aviary Amalia
Number of plexiglass plates 7
1 plexiglass plate (WxH) 39x49cm
1 plexiglass plate (WxH) 39x63cm
1 plexiglass plate (WxH) 132x39cm
2 plexiglass plates (WxH) 49x67cm
2 plexiglass plates (WxH) 65x92cm

Dimensions of shipping boxes

Box 1 135 x 70 x 8cm — 13kg
EAN code: 8719874157117

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