A fence for your chickens or dogs, you easily buy it from JoyPet.eu! Ask our helpdesk for the possibilities!   Read more »

- € 25
with wooden gate

Delivery time: 3-4 business days

€ 519,-
€ 494,-
- € 28

Delivery time: Out of stock

€ 389,95
€ 361,95
- € 38

Delivery time: Out of stock

€ 489,95
€ 451,95
- € 58

Delivery time: Out of stock

€ 689,95
€ 631,95


Fences for chickens, puppies of bunnies

A wonderful fence for your pets you order here! We do have a lot of doghouses, chicken coops and rabbit hutches, but with a fence around this hutch you make your hutch or chicken coop complete!


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