Hutches for guinea pigs

Not all rabbit hutches are automatically used for guinea pigs as well. Read more about which rabbit hutch is used for guinea pigs or what kind of things you should think about before you buy a guinea pig hutch!   Read more »

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Rabbit house Maurice - € 20
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Rabbit hutch Holiday Small with anti-chewy protection - € 20
With anti-chewing

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Rabbit house red-brown Excellent Medium - € 20

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Rabbit hutch Cato White-Grey - € 20

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Rabbit hutch Prestige Small White with run at the left - € 10
Protection against chewing

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Rabbit hutch Adrian anti-chewing - € 30

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Low-priced rabbit hutch Basic
with anti-chewing strips

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Rabbit hutch Excellent Medium with anti-chewing protection - € 20

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rabbit hutch holiday small - € 20
with nest box

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Rabbit hutch with protection

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Bestseller Rabbit hutch Annemieke with run - € 20

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Available from: 11-11-2020

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Which hutch is used for guinea pigs?

A guinea pig hutch is in any case equipped with a sleeping compartment, where your guinea pigs definitely feel save. The sleeping compartments of the most of our hutches can be reached by a ramp. So far so good, because warmth rises, so it will be good that the sleeping compartment is a little higher, however for guinea pigs, the ramp shouldn’t be too high. This because guinea pigs aren’t truly able to see differences in height. A guinea pig has eyes at the side of its head. Therefore a guinea pig has a very width view, but it becomes more difficult to see height, and therefore we advise a hutch with a ramp, but the sleeping compartment shouldn’t bee too high.

Guinea pig hutch with run

Every guinea pig wants a hutch that, beside a good sleeping compartment, has a run outside! There they can play and run around to check out the area. At, you will find a lot of different hutches for guinea pigs, for every garden!

Guinea pigs in a wooden hutch

Is it really advisable to put guinea pigs in a hutch of wood? To prevent your hutch against gnawing of your pets, the most of our hutches are equipped with alumium strips. You can order more alumium strips separately as well, to protect the wood even more. We strongly advise to put some willow branches in the hutch. Usually, the guinea pigs will rather prefer the willow branches then the wood of their hutch. Even more, a guinea pig should gnaw at some wood sometimes, otherwise their teeth will grow too long and they will get problems eating their food.

What sizes should be the guinea pig hutch?

First, it is important to know how many guinea pigs you want to keep. You can’t keep a single guinea pig, as it will feel lonely soon. For 2 guinea pigs, we advise ground dimensions of at least 120x55 cm = 0,66 m2. For the 3th or 4th guinea pig we advise +0,17 m2 per guinea pig.
Do you have more guinea pigs and the hutches in this category are too small? Find out large rabbithutches and keep the info you read above in your mind…
Still not sure what kind of hutch you should buy for your guinea pigs? Just ask us!


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