klaxo 2,5ltr
100% natural product!

- Klaxo white chalk is a moisture-absorbing chalk which ensures a dry space; blood lice is not able to survive in dry places.
- Blood lice breathe through their skin, Klaxo has a suffocating effect. This causes the blood lice will die.
- Klaxo fills seams and cracks. The blood lice will not be able to reproduce.
- Gives white background, therefore you can recognize the blood lice immediately. Also, it will be lighter in the chicken coop, the chicken coop becomes unattractive to the blood lice and the blood lice can be detected earlier.
- Klaxo is a natural product and fights the blood lice without chemical ingredients, so that the living environment of your pet remains healthy for them and for you.
Klaxo instructions for use:
- Stir Klaxo well before using it. Add some water if necessary.
- You must apply Klaxo with a brush or roller to the inside of your pet house.
- For the best result you can first apply a layer of stain, but this is not really necessary.
- Apply Klaxo in thin layers to prevent cracking of the layer.
- We advise to periodically check whether the Klaxo still remains white, if that is not the case then you must apply a new layer.
- Klaxo is made from very pure chalk and gives off white when your pets come into contact with it.
- Make sure that your pet house has a vital Klaxo layer throughout the year.
- Klaxo storage advice, between 5 ° C and 35 ° C


2,5 L
EAN code: 7432233531571

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