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Automatic chicken coop opener Chickenguard Standard on batteries, with aluminium sliding door. With built-in timer to close and / or open your door at a fixed time. This device has no built-in light sensor, so this opener can also be mounted on the inside of the chicken coop.
The advantages of the Chickenguard:
► Keeps predators outside
► Travel without worry
► No more crowing early in the morning
► No longer standing up before dawn

Product details

  • Opens and closes the door by the built-in timer
  • Open or close the door manually by pushing the button
  • Functional LCD-Display
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (Included) or by USB (Not included)
  • Warning when battery-level is low
  • 3-Years warranty
  • All-in-One-Design.
  • Low use of energy
  • No complicated wires or cables
  • Low maintainance
  • No minimum or maximum height of the door
  • Lifts doors till 1 kg
Min. temperature till -10ºC

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