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Product details

  • Chicken coop with the following features:
  • The pet house is made of beautiful pine wood
  • The roof of this rabbit hutch is equipped with roofing felt
  • The pet house has a handy storage attic
  • Solid black coated lattice, thickness 2 to 3mm, mesh size approx. 25x100mm
  • Equipped with a ramp between the first and ground floor
  • Convenient drawer with fixed plastic inner tray
  • The drawer of this pet house is extra deep and sturdy
  • The back of this pet house is made of solid wood
  • Lockable sleeping compartment: door slides up/down
  • The doors of this rabbit hutch are equiped with double locks
  • This pet house has rubber feet
  • Building kit with mostly pre-assembled panels, incl. fixing materials and instructions
  • Particularities:
  • This loft can not be built in mirror image
  • This chicken coop is equipped with a nest box
  • Easy to expand with additional runs
  • If there is high humidity outside, then it is also humid inside a loft. This can cause mold to grow.
  • In case of damp weather, the wood can expand and the doors will clamp
  • This hutch has been painted once, but we advise to paint it again for a beautiful result.
  • Appropriate additional run:
  • Attached run Space Medium
  • Intermediate running Space Medium
  • Run with different depth then the hutch:
  • Free-range enclosure Functional
  • Rabbit run Multirun


Outer dimensions incl. roof and nest box (WxDxH) 209x88x151cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 163x75cm
Internal dimensions sleeping compartment (WxDxH) 72x70x55cm
Height below the sleeping quarter (H) 48cm
Opening to sleeping quarter (WxH) 22x25cm
Perches 2x 70cm
Distance of the bars 24mm
Shelf thickness approx. 9mm
Frame thickness 35x25mm

Dimensions of shipping boxes

Box 1 77 x 78 x 8,5cm — 4,9kg
Box 2 74 x 116 x 12cm — 14,5kg
Box 3 116 x 45 x 15cm — 12,4kg
Box 4 81 x 114 x 6cm — 8,5kg
Box 5 115 x 80 x 6,4cm — 8,3kg
Box 6 103 x 87 x 6cm — 10,4kg
Box 7 103 x 87 x 6cm — 12,2kg
Box 8 79 x 40 x 10cm — 7kg

Maintainance instructions

  • You should stain the wood to prevent mold or wood rot
  • It is advisable to clean the wood periodically to prevent mold and green mold
  • You can stain it in any desired colour.
  • Treat the hinges and locks periodically with silicone spray
  • Use some wax or vaseline for moving parts such as drawers and sliding panels
  • If possible, place the pet house at a sheltered place.
  • Matching stain is a transparent or Nature brown stain

Instructions for assembly

  • The pet house comes with a simple assembly instruction
  • You also receive a package of screws to assemble the panels
  • The holes in the panels are pre-drilled, except for the locks
  • When it is not in a sheltered place we advise you to anchor the pet house
  • Place the pet house straight on a flat and firm surface
EAN code: 8719558673162

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