Chickencoop Rosy 114x114x145cm More photos

Chickencoop Rosy is made of Douglaswood and black impregnated wood. Because of the large door you can clean the sleeping compartment very easily. To preserve the color of the wood you can treat it with Douglas oil. Without further treatment, the wood will quickly turn grey. Even without further treatment, Douglas fir is very durable.

Product details

  • Will be delivered as construction kit, incl. screws
  • The roof is covered with bitumen roofing membrane (5mm thick)
  • Made of Douglas wood. Frames of 68x44mm, shelves of 18mm thickness. Even without treatment this wood will be sustainable for about 15 years, however it will become grey quickly without treatment.
  • This chicken coop is equipped with plastic feet


Outer dimensions (WxDxH) 114x114x145cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 81x81cm
Internal dimensions sleeping compartment (WxDxH) 73x73x61cm
Dimension of opening hutch (WxH) 58x40cm
Height below the sleeping quarter (H) 52cm
Corner post size 7x7cm
Opening to sleeping quarter (WxH) 22x26cm
Thickness shelves 18mm

Maintainance instructions

  • To avoid that the Douglas wood becomes grey, we advise to use Douglas oil
EAN code: 8719558677795

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