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Chickencoop Flex 6.1 with roof tiles is really a very nice chicken coop for 6 to 10 chickens! This stall is also very practical because of the laying nest, drawer and large door. The chickencoop ist suitable for ca. 6-10 chickens and because of the used materials it is very easy to maintain.

Product details

  • **There can be colour differences in Douglas fir. This depends on whether the wood is from the outside of the tree or is heartwood. This colour difference gradually diminishes, due to ageing and discolouration.
  • New
  • Flex with the following characteristics:
  • Made of Douglas wood. Frames of 68x44mm, shelves of 18mm thickness. Even without treatment this wood will be sustainable for about 15 years, however it will become grey quickly without treatment.
  • The FLEX consist of Standard panels. Therefore you can get it as you want. In the productname, the number of panels is being mentioned. For exemple, FLEX 3.1 is 3 panels wide, and one panel deep.
  • The hutch is made of panels of 180x85cm or 180x120cm. This can be screwed together. Drill bit, screws and bits are included.
  • The wooden panels have a wooden frame of 68x44 with shelves of 18mm thick
  • Meshpannels with black plasticized mesh of 1,1 mm thickness. Mesh of 13x13 mm
  • Particularities:
  • With gangway to the sleeping compartment
  • Insulation kit for the Flexpanels 85cm and 120cm is available separately
  • Easy to clean rabbit hutch with handy drawer
  • The drawer of this pet house is extra deep and sturdy
  • This chicken coop is equipped with a nest box
  • If there is high humidity outside, then it is also humid inside a loft. You can treat the inside of the loft with stain to prevent the mold to grow.


Outer dimensions incl. roof and nest box (WxDxH) 565x145x235cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 510x129cm
Internal dimensions sleeping compartment (WxDxH) 71x116x85cm
Dimension of opening hutch (WxH) 71x70cm
Dimension of opening run (WxH) 71x166cm
Opening to sleeping quarter (WxH) 20x37cm
Thickness vertical beams 68x44mm
Thickness shelves 18mm

Maintainance instructions

  • To avoid that the Douglas wood becomes grey, we advise to use Douglas oil
  • Treat the hinges and locks periodically with silicone spray
  • Use some wax or vaseline for moving parts such as drawers and sliding panels

Instructions for assembly

  • Delivered like a kit, with pre-assembled panels. The panels can be easily fixed to each other. Everything is pre-drilled. Drill bit, screws and bits are included.
  • The pannels are ready to use. Door(s) and locks and mesh already assembled. Therefore the assembly is really easy.
  • A foundation of 4,5 cm high, will be delivered as well. At the foundation you fix the panels. Therefore we advice a flat surface.
  • This product is being delivered at a pallet, by a lorry with pallet truck and tailgate. Please keep in mind that the pallet truck requires a hard surface!
EAN code: 8719874155458

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