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  • This doghouse is equipped with used ceramic roof tiles.
  • With aluminum edges of 2 mm thick along the opening
  • The doghouse is equipped with a windwall, which can be pushed against the wall as well
  • This is a high-quality and solid doghouse; very practical, comfortable and durable
  • The doghouse is equipped with a side flap.
  • The doghouse has black plastic feet, making it easier to move, and the hutch is better protected against moisture
  • Unprotected wooden edges can be provided with aluminum strips to prevent gnawing. You can request this by email. The price for this is € 7, - per meter (incl. assembly).
  • * Can be delivered in mirror image as well at request
  • Doghouse of high pressure treated pinewood in combination with betonplex and real roof tiles
  • The dimensions can be a little more or less, depending of the size of the roof tiles
Outer dimensions including roof (WxDxH) 193x134x143 cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 156x105 cm
Internal dimensions behind draft baffle (WxD) 110x100 cm
Internal floor dimensions (WxD) 150x100 cm
Dimensions opening (WxH) 35x61 cm
Dimension of 'sideflap' (WxH) 90x53 cm
EAN code: 8719558671717

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