Chicken fence Rectangle Antraciet 5x2,5 m. More photos Design your own in 3D

Chicken fence of 12,5 m2 stabil fence. The fence has a nice door for an optimal accessibility. The poles of 180 cm
should be put 50 cm into the ground. Of course, we can deliver this fence in different sizes. Please contact us about the possibilities!

Product details

  • Easy to (dis)assemble
  • The mesh panels have pins at the top and bottom to prevent the pets from breaking out. They are also provided with a kink at the top and bottom, which provides a lot of strength.
  • The iron is hot-dip galvanized and has an anthracite powder coating. All iron 7 year warranty on rust formation
  • The poles are equipped with covers
  • The metal mesh clamps are provided with plastic so that the mesh panels are not being scratched
  • The gate is equipped with a cylinder lock and handle
  • The gate can be installed in all turning directions
  • The gate is equipped with adjustable hinges, so the gate always hangs neatly straight

Dimensions run
EAN code: 8719874155830

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