Dog kennel COMPART with 3 doghouses, base plates and feeders 825x240x222cm More photos Design your own Dog kennel in 3D

This dogkennel COMPART is used to keep 3 dogs, separated besides each other. This dogkennel contains 3 doghouses as well, so every dog has its own doghouse. The dogkennel is perfect for dog breeders as well!

Product details

  • * Outer bar distance of the panel with door is approx. 10,5cm
  • The kennel door is standard on the left side, opens inwards and has the option of a padlock
  • Height in the kennel minimum 184cm
  • Wooden panels are provided with preserved pine rabat parts of 18 mm thick.
  • The wooden beams of the kennel (88x88mm) are equipped with plastic feet
  • Roof plates are made of steel and are equipped with felt at the bottom, so that it is sound-absorbing in case of rain.
  • Supplied in easy-to-install panels.
  • Fasteners included for the panels, the roof and anchoring on hard surfaces
  • All parts are ready to be assembled, with predrilled holes.
  • Anchoring for soft surface is also available in our webshop.
  • Assembly time with 2 persons +/- 6 hours
  • If damaged parts or welds show corrosion, it can be treated with black Hammerite.
  • Other setups are possible as well.
  • This dogkennel is available in a lot of different sizes, and usually we can deliver it from our own stock.



Outer dimension including roof (WxDxH) 820x240x209cm
Outer ground dimensions (WxD) 786x218cm
Square metres of kennel 3x 5m2
Roof slope 9cm
Height of the panels 184cm
Size of dooropening (in the dog run panel) 59x174cm
Thickness bars 16mm
Distance between the bars 8cm
Height of the feet 5cm
EAN code: 8719874155991

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