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Order a doghouse?

A doghouse is available in a lot of different models. Which doghouse is the best for your dog? That's depending of different circumstances. Does your dog live outside, also during the winter? Which dogbreed is it? Has the dog always been outside, since spring? All those questions are important for you to decide weather you should order an insulated doghouse, or even a doghouse with underfloor heating.

Dog house too small or too large?

When a dog house is too small, your dog won't get in the doghouse because it doesn't feel safe for your dog. However, what a lot of people don't know, is that a doghouse can be too large as well. The breath of the dog usually warms the doghouse. So, the dog keeps at a good temperature by his own breath. In a too large doghouse the dog won't be able to warm the doghouse.

At you will find wooden dog houses in all sizes and colours: from the XXL dog house till the insulated dog house for the winter!

Accessories for the dog house

Also take a look at our accessories: With a dog bed or dog pillow from, you can turn a doghouse into a luxurious dog house for your loyal friend in no time. Uncertain which doghouse you should buy? Our help desk will be glad to advise you.


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